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We help companies to save time for performing primary activities



Administrative services are an integral part of office business, which is nowadays increasingly common and sought-after service needed by many entrepreneurs.

More and more companies decide to outsource activities that do not belong to their core business. On average, companies spend at least 30% of their time on administrative and documentation tasks.

If You want to reduce the burden of Your business, free yourself from activities that take up your time and energy, increase the efficiency of Your business then leave the administration tasks to us.

Our many years of experience, creativity, positive energy and cooperation are characteristics built into services we provide.

If You wish, we can take over greater or lesser part of the necessary administrative processes for the normal functioning of one's company.

If You have a need for HR and/or administrative outsourcing, HIR services can offer You a number of fast and efficient services based on many years of experience!


If You want to increase the efficiency of Your business, and at the same time save on hiring workers, additional costs of contributions, energy costs, sick leave, annual vacations and the like, leave the administration tasks to us.

We offer the following:

  • Services of compete input upgrading and management of various databases

  • Copying and scanning of documents

  • Creation and sending of offers estimates and invoices

  • Transcription and data entry

  • Keeping records of working hours, sick days, vacations

  • Registration and deregistration of employees at HZZO and HZMO

  • Preparation of documentation and contact with bookkeeping

  • Calculation of salaries

  • Businesses of import and export of goods for countries outside the European Union


Procurement organization is often a big problem in companies. Given that we also have a certificate in the field of public procurement, we are also familiar with this type of business, and You can contact us with confidence for the same:

  • Operational implementation of public and simple procurement procedures

  • Ordering office materials and other necessary goods and services for th needs of the company’s functioning

  • Finding and analyzing the most favorable offers for the procurement of goods and services


If You do not have an employee expert who deals with secretary business duties, if You urgently need to write an important letter, arrange a business meeting or contact a client, please contact us, we will be happy to do it for You.

Services we provide:

  • Creation and formatting of business letters

  • Correspondence with business partners

  • Administration of e-mails

  • Appointments and client management

  • Records and archive of documentation

  • Ensuring the translation of documentation in cases where it is necessary

  • Other duties of the secretary


Whether You urgently need to organize a business trip, accommodation or You need help with the organization of various events, we well be happy to do it for You.

We are offering:

  • Help with the organization of events and various other events, help with the rental and organization of setting up the stage, sound system, rental of chairs for certain events.

  • Delivery of business gifts, invitations and greeting cards as well as various other documents

  • Organization of accommodation and transportation of business partners

  • Organization of business trips

  • Organization of transportation of goods to various destinations

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We do most of the work for You in our office. If there is a need, and according to our agreement, we will be happy to do the necessary tasks at Your address.


Price list

Considering different types of administrative and commercial services for various companies, it is very difficult to determine the price of them.

If You wish to find out the exact price of the service You need, please contact us or request an offer for a particular service.

Contact us!

We are always at your disposal and ready to provide you with any additional information.

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